>I am currently working on a website that is implemented using PHP and MySQL.
>The site currently has a simple search engine that allows a shopper to type
>in a search string that is stored in $search. For example, if a shopper
>types in 1972 Ford Mustang
>$string ="1972 Ford Mustang"
>Using the following SQL statement:
>SELECT * FROM whatevertable WHERE whatevercolumn LIKE '%$search%
>Records are returned that have this exact string and in this exact order
>(I'm aware a wild card character is included on the front and back of the
>My desire is to be able to logically AND each token of the search together
>independent or the order of the tokens.
>I want to return all records that have Mustang AND 1972 AND Ford.
>Since a shopper inputs the search string in advance I don't know how many
>tokens will be used.

How about using OR and a ranked sorting so that the more words that match,
the better?

  if (!isset($start)){
    $start = 0; # Or is it 1?  MySQL/PostgreSQL do it differently.  Grrrr.
  $words = explode(' ', $search);
  $query = "select whatever, 0 ";
  while (list(,$word) = each($words)){
    if (trim($word)){
      $query .= " + whatevercolumn LIKE '%$word%' ";
  $query .= " as score ";
  $query .= " from sometable ";
  $query .= " where score > 0 ";
  $query .= " order by score desc ";
  $query .= " limit $start, $limit ";

Since LIKE returns TRUE/FALSE, when you "add them up" they turn into 1/0,
and you get a one-point score for each matching word.

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