>This really isn't a PHP issue..sorry.
>I'm having a nightmare with Oracle 8i (pos!). I'm writing common SQL
>which works for MSSQL 2K and seems correct for Oracle... but keeps
>giving me a Error.. ORA-00933 SQL command not properly ended on the
>following query...
>SELECT grp.grpdescrip, grp.grp, grp.createcust, grp.auth1, grp.auth2,
>usergrp.userid, users.userdescrip
>                        FROM grp
>                        LEFT JOIN usergrp
>                        ON grp.grp=usergrp.grp
>                        LEFT JOIN users
>                        ON usergrp.userid=users.userid
>                        ORDER BY grp.grp
>The error keeps pointing at the first "LEFT JOIN". Anybody know why?


Maybe Oracle don't like when you don't say INNER or OUTER?

Maybe Oracle just plain won't let you do two LEFT JOINs in one?

Maybe Oracle wants some parens so it knows which LEFT JOIN to do first?

Maybe Oracle don't like the line-breaks?

Maybe you have some funky invisible non-ASCII character in there?
[Not likely, but...]

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