>Does anyone have a regular expression that works to validate credit card


has links to code archives that will give you tons of them.

Ditto for the phone numbers post I'm about to read.

NOTE:  Making users not be able to use phone numbers like 1-800-MY-STUFF is
just wrong, wrong, wrong, not to mention that sooner or later an
International user or somebody with an extension or who needs you to press
*2 to reach them is gonna get screwed by your stupid phone regex... Don't do

Like Music?  http://l-i-e.com/artists.htm
I'm looking for a PRO QUALITY two-input sound card supported by Linux (any
major distro).  Need to record live events (mixed already) to stereo
CD-quality.  Soundcard Recommendations?
Software to handle the recording? Don't need fancy mixer stuff.  Zero (0)
post-production time.  Just raw PCM/WAV/AIFF 16+ bit, 44.1KHz, Stereo

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