Hi all,

Sorry to be slightly OT, but I've prolly answered 1000 OT posts in the last
year, and this IS related for all those without mycrypt, so...

I'm on a shared server which does not have mcrypt... not good, since i want
to temporarily store credit card numbers in an encrypted manner, either in a
MySQL database, or in a text file.

So I started google'ing for a class or something that someone may have
written for two-way encryption WITH A KEY TO UNLOCK.

Couldn't find much, then did a search on MySQL.com, and found the ENCRYPT(),
DECRYPT(), ENCODE() and DECODE() functions.

Am I barking up the wrong tree, or can these be used for storing sensitive
information (credit card, etc etc) in a mysql table?

The MySQL manual isn't particularly in-depth about it all:

I AM running in a linux environment (RedHat I think)...

Thanks in advance,

Justin French

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