Isn't that the same thing essentially? See, from the time ($row->show_title)
is true until it is true again is not a fixed number so the only constant is
that if ($row->show_title) is true then the <tr> background color will be
on. Then I need to alternate the background color between on and off until
($row->show_title) is true again. Then start the process over. So I'm sure
my ignorance has prevented me from fully understanding what you tried to
show me below but isn't that the same as saying:
if ($i&1) {
 do this;
} else {
 do this;
which is the same as if ($i%2) { etc..... }

Ah, well... that was not clearly explained in your first post. You wanted
alternating rows colors, and that is what I gave you. Let's see if I
understand the question;

For each show_title there are multiple rows of data, but they do not match
row counts from show to show?
You want the alternating colors to begin with each show_title, in other
words the row with the show_title in it shall always be gray, while others
rows alternate between white and gray?


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