maybe it would be easier to show you the part of code I'm using,

echo $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadFile']['size'] . "::".
$HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadFile']['name']['type'] . "::";
echo $HTTP_POST_FILES['uploadFile']['name'] . "::".
/** first check that we have a name for the file: */
if($_POST['fileName'] == ""){
    echo "You have to name the file before you can upload it!";
/** Check for the size of the file*/
if($_FILES['uploadFile']['size'] == 0){
    echo "File empty...";
/** Check for the type of the image : only allow jpeg's */
    echo "You can only upload jpg images.";
The one above is the one I'm having problems with, it should work by looking
at it, it all makes sense, but it won't for some strange reason. I heard
there is a difference in browsers to get it to work at time, so I tried
using pjpeg instead and got the same result. If I can't get this to work
somehow then I will be trying your method Oscar, which just means I'll have
to change the code for it all, no big deal it's not much of a change anyhow,
if it was pages upon pages then it would be lol.
Thanks for all your help guys, and the security issue I never even realized,
so I guess I'll have to go hunting for away to resolve that too if I'm going
to use it for all users instead of administration uploading.
Your help is much appreciated

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