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>Apart from this looking ugly, it poses another problem. In my PHP script
>where I can add new rows, I query the table, checking how many rows in the
>table altogether and set the new id as the next number, but this doesnt work
>if theres 'holes' in the id field, as the new record tries to overwrite
>another id.

The entire purpose of auto_increment is that you do NOT have to 'set' id when you add 
new records to the field.  Don't reference your 'id' field in the insert statement at 

>So I've 2 questions
>1) Can the next auto_increment value be 'set' by a SQL query????

No.  The next auto_increment value is the same as max(id) + 1.  However, just because 
a column is auto_increment doesn't mean you can't specify an id when you add a new 
record, if you like.

>2) Can I get a SQL query to INSERT INTO the first 'hole' it finds in the ID
Not with SQL by itself.  You'd need to SELECT id FROM table, then use PHP to figure 
out how to fill in the hole.

However, none of this should be a problem; simply allow those holes to exist and find 
some other way of numbering your records.

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