Yes, this is way OT....

you can refer back to the original window with


(or it may me window.opener)

I used it once to change the location of the parent window with something

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function blah(url,close)
  opener.location = url;
// -->

<A HREF="javascript:blah('something_else.html');">show me something else</A>

I'm thinking opener.location.reload() or opener.location.reload(1) or
opener.location.replace('my_url') might do the same job, but if you know
what URL the script should refresh to (ie, load the same URL again), then
the function above should work as is.

Justin French

on 30/07/02 6:00 AM, Kelly Meeks ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Sorry for the off topic post, but this is by far the most experienced list
> I've found.
> I've got a php page that show all the .gif and .jpeg files in an directory via
> a form based drop down menu.
> On the same page, I've also got a link that opens a new window, and allows the
> user to upload an image to that same directory.
> Is there any way, when the upload window is closed, to force a reload of the
> other page, so the dynamic pop-up reflects the recent upload?
> Thanks in advance,
> Kelly

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