That is correct. As long as the expiration date is past present it's fine. I
used to work for another hosting company who would just "guess" new
expiration dates for monthly recurring customers who had not submitted a
cancellation request but who's cards had expired. As long as the date was
past present they would go through.

P.S. Save the flames. It was not my idea to guess new expiration dates ;-)

Jim Grill
Web-1 Hosting
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Subject: RE: [PHP] Credit Card Validation With Expiration Date

> > I'm looking for an algorithm or a free PHP Script which enable me
> > to verify
> > expiration date with a credit card number.
> >
> > Does anybody knows this ?
> It doesn't card number alogrithms do not use the expiry
> in their formulas (at least I'm not aware of any that are).  Also there is
> no way to actually check if a credit card is valid without using a company
> that keeps an online database of active credit cards.  The most you can do
> is verify that the number provided could potentially be a credit
> even then the expiry date has no algorithm attached to long as it
> past the present date there's no way to consider it invalid without
> cross-referencing against a database of active cards.
> Sincerely,
> Craig Vincent
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