I would like to have the same page (test.php) have different text in it
depending on a database entry. which is easy enough. but I want it to
be on the fly. example list would be created on the fly depending on
databse entries. which ever entry was picked (lets say STLT) it would
open up my template test.php and it would but the STLT info on the
page. Is there a way to do this without turning on Global_Variables
which come standard off in php4.2.2

I'm using apache 2.0.39, PHP4.2.2, FreeBSD4.6, Mysql3.23.51

My database entries would be
deparment    page    artical              template
stlt                1    <body of page>   test.php
aps               1    <body of page>   test.php
srp               1    <body of page>   test2.php
main             1    <body of page>   test.php

the list would be created by a query that looks for all page 1 entries
from there the main page would show up(default), but once you pick
from the list it would show the database enteries for that department.

|main   |
|STLT | STLT was picked show STLT "artical" database entry
|aps     |  this is are STLT page
|srp     |
|          |

|main   |
|stlt      | APS was picked show APS "artical" database entry
|APS   |   this is are APS page
|srp     |
|          |

I assume that Gobal_Variables are off for a reason.


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