I would like to show some fields based on a Interbase database, everthing is
working when i type the fields name usinf $row-> field

 something like this

while ($row = ibase_fetch_object($sth)) {
  echo "<TR><TD>$row->RAZAO_SOCI</TD>";
  echo"<TD>$row->ENDERECO</TD></TR>\n" ;

But I would like to make a generic output without declaring the field name
in code.

I discover that the code bellow show-me the field names and alias for any
feetched database

while ($row = ibase_fetch_object($sth)) {
  for ($i=0; $i < $coln; $i++) {
    $col_info = ibase_field_info($sth, $i);
    echo "name: ".$col_info['name']." ";
    echo "alias: ".$col_info['alias']."";


How can I output the data field content based on field alias  (
.$col_info['alias'].""; )

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