So -- it looks like I can connect to Excel via COM -- buuutt... anyone have
any examples or can anyone point me to any -- that show how to save-out an
excel file as a TEXT (.csv) TAB Delimited file?

I guess if there is a way to see each ROW in the Excel Spreadsheet -- then I
can grab that data and easily save it out as a \t delimited file (I know how
to do that) -- ***so, then***  I guess my real question is; how can I *see*
the data using COM ???  I'm not too familiar with COM.

Say I have an excel spreadsheet called "Test.xls" and it has three columns:

Name:            Salary:        Expense:
Jon Doe        $63,000       $2,345
Jane Doe      $65,234        $3,256

and so on...


"Jome" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> > I would like to give my users the ability to send (to my website) a
> > Microsoft Excel file, and then have my server (PHP code) extract that
> > and turn it into a TAB Delimited Text file -- is this possible with PHP?
> p
> Google is your friend.
>   -Jome

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