I'm developing a web app, that needs to generate a PDF file.

The "background" of the PDF will be a high resolution image (300dpi). and I calculate 
the scaling factor from the resolution of the image. 

  $dpi_x =PDF_get_value($p,"resx",$image);
  $dpi_y =PDF_get_value($p,"resy",$image);
  /*calculate scaling factors from the dpi values */
  if ($dpi_x >0 && $dpi_y >0){ 
  $scale_x =(72.0)/$dpi_x;
  $scale_y =(72.0)/$dpi_y;

Now, I have the pixel coordenates of the text that will be written (I have the text, 
color, font, textX and textY). This coordenates were taken from the way it looked on a 
72 dpi image. How can I get the cordenates that I sould use on the PDF??.. because if 
I use the same coord I have, it places the text waaaay out of where it's supposed to 
be. Please advice!.


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