On 07/26/2002 09:25 AM, Jay Blanchard wrote:
> I look forward to your responses...

I am afraid this is going to be a major fiasco. The idea is good but the 
  meetup site is very badly implemented. It is very confusing. It is 
very hard to find how to choose a different city from those that are 

When you finally realize that the closest city is too far away from 
where you live, you have an hard time to discover how to suggest a 
different city. When you think you have found to how to suggest a new 
city and do it, it seems that you're suggestion is being ignored.

Is there really anybody behind this site? It seems that it was something 
that somebody did but is not really maintaining it.

Another point is the choice of the day of the week is not very fortunate 
either because most people that work can't attend during weekdays. Even 
Friday night would have been a better idea.

Anyway, it shows that for the small numbers of users that subscribed to 
the various sites are just a reflex of how badly organized the 
initiative is. It is a pity. Maybe it should be better to organize 
something independent of the Meetup site which is only forcing 
inconvenient constraints of place and day of the week.


Manuel Lemos

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