Hi Ranaivo Rija,
                        Try this website
http://www.k1m.com/scripts/sms_web_sender/ for more information.
 It's about  "SMS Web Sender" .It  is a PHP class which connects to a web
site offering free SMS sending, logs you in with your username and password
and sends your SMS message to a mobile number.


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Subject: [PHP] SMS message ?

Hi all,
I'm a newbie, and I'd like some advice, and I don't have any idea, maybe
it's a silly question.

Is-it possible to send SMS message to mobile phone using PHP?

For example, every monday I send some news about my web site to the mobile
phone of my visitors with their approval, of course.

If possible, how to do it.
If not, does anyone have any other ideas how to do this?

Best regards,

Ranaivo Rija
BP 1528 Port Vila

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