Hello, people.
So the problem.
I have apache running with php-module.
Recently I've upgraded the 4.0.6 version up to 4.2.2.
All my php configuration directives in httpd.conf (php_flag, php_admin_flag,
php_value, php_admin_value) are not working now. When I change libphp4.so
back to 4.0.6 the directives work, if I use 4.2.2 module - they don't. The
configuration of apache and php.ini are not being changed. The php.ini in
both cases is almost the same.
The configure options of both php-versions seems to be the same.
Where is the problem? Did I miss anything while configuring and installing
4.2.2 php module? I can not find any info in php docs.

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