Hallo DoL,

it worked when i didn't use urldecode(), just stripslashes():

 $s_array1 = urlencode(serialize($array1));

 header("Location: page-2?h_array1=$s_array1");

 $array1 = unserialize(stripslashes($_GET["h_array1"]));

The other way that worked was passing arrays in $_SESSION. You don't need
even serialize them in that case.
D> Hi

D> I would like to pass three arrays, two of them are two dimensional arrays,
D> to another page (or to the same page just submit to itself) using hidden
D> field and the function serialize.

D> (this is a two dimensional array)
D> page-1
D>  $s_array1 = serialize($array1);

D> <INPUT type="HIDDEN" name="h_array1" value="<?php echo urlencode($s_array1);

D> page-2
D>  $array1= unserialize(urldecode(stripslashes($_POST['h_array1'])));

D> it seems to work except there appears to be one NULL record added to the
D> beginning of the array.
D> it affects the following :-
D> count(array_keys($array1) ) returns actual_no_of_keys + 1
D> foreach () echo with one NULL record at the beginning
D> reset($array1) erase the array completely !!

D> and it doesn't help to use rawurl(en|de)code, and with | without
D> stripslashes!

D> PLEASE HELP! if you can resolve this, or has a better ways to pass arrays
D> between pages.

D> Many Thanks
D> /dl

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