You can't tell from the server side, but you can have a page send them 
to a different page depending on whether or not Javascript is enable.
You could have a temp page with a Javascript redirect that is kicked off 
with an onLoad event handler and also have a meta refresh on the same 
page the executes after a second or two. If Javascript is enable, the 
javascript will direct them to one page, if javascript is not enabled, 
then the meta refresh will kick off.

Or, you can have javascript write a cookie. Then on subsequent pages you 
could have the server check for the cookie, if it's not there, then they 
have javascript disabled (or cookies disabled).

On Wednesday, July 31, 2002, at 12:12 PM, Dennis Gearon wrote:

> Is it possible from the browser requests to tell if it is jscript
> enabled so that an appropriate page can be sent for en/disabled
> browsers?
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