addslashes($st); before you put the string into the d-base
stripslashes($str); after you retrieve the string from the d-base
Otherwise MySQL is going to do its best to limit the illegal characters on
its own.  :)

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Subject: [PHP] text area with quotes

> this seems so obvious yet it is giving me problems.
> I have a text area in a form that is passed to a php page to be
> written to a database. first though It displays the contents of the
> form in a preview page. then if everything is good the user click the
> button and it write to the DB. I pass the contents of the text area
> straight to the next page (i.e. $form_item_name) so i never mess with
> the variable.
> now for the problem.
> when it displays the variable it adds the escape character (\) to any
> ' or " in the text. if I resend the same document it adds more. how
> do i get it to display 's and "s in a variable without php adding the
> \??
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