In a genaology application, where I add individuals to
an array:

 $everyone[] = new Individual($id);  

I'd like to print the indiviuals' attributes.  Some of these are
in array's themselves: like a list of event's in one's life.

My problem is:
when printing the Class Variables using the "standard" approach:
function print_vars($obj) {
    $arr = get_object_vars($obj);
    while (list($prop, $val) = each($arr))
                echo "$prop\t$val\n";
I see the message:  

 Variables: Person: Added RELI attribute

id I6
last McGOWAN
first Martin James
suffix Sr.

sex M

lifeevent Array
attribute Array

  My question is:
     How does one print out the "Array"?

  My attempt at testing .

       (strcmp($val,"Array") == 0)

  was fruitless, as the print value of 
 $var is always a string, but not always
 in other contexts.

  What am I missing?

 -- Marty McGowan

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