Specific problems? Ok, I think I can do something
about that...

I am not sure how many emails he can handle, but I am
pretty sure he can create as many as he wants.
Basically unlimited accounts. I am pretty sure that
the permissions would be aimacable to do that, as in
755 permissions on his server. 

I also can tell you he uses neomail to run his web
based email services. Anything else at this time, I
couldn't tell you.

So my specific problem is this: How do I create a new
user account on a *NIX system to have permissions to
send and receive email, for a web based email system.

BTW, I don't declare. I demand. ;)

Kevin Myrick
--- Nick Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> * and then Kevin Myrick declared....
> > I also want to do a signup form for his site so
> when
> > people join the "community" forum, they will
> > automatically be given an email username and
> password
> > for his site. 
> > 
> > Any help would be very greatful.
> I think you'll need to start from the beggining and
> post specific
> problems. That's a bit vague to get a decent
> answer.... Also, we don't
> even know how the system works: Does he have the
> ability to create
> unlimited emails? The permissions to do that? etc
> etc....
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