x86-3 being added to access control list
I've recently updgrade my Apache Webserver to
1.3.26 and opted to upgrade php form 3.x.x to 4.2.2.
I have succesfully built it all and things are stable.

I have been running the "album" picture database which
is included as an example with the php3 distro.

Well this is now broken with php4.
What apears to be happening is the query string
is not being processed.
For example if I have the simple phpscript
test2.php which looks like:
echo "<H1>QUERY_STRING= $url[query]</H1>";
echo "<H1>Album= $album</H1>";

and call this with something like


It echoes out the query string but the
variable album remains unset.

This same script works just fine if accessed
against my php3 enabled apache server.

Can anybody explain why this is happening?
Did I miss some configuration somewhere.

Oh yeah, this is all on Solaris.


Bruce Riddle

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