> Hey php-general,
>   maybe somebody can explain me what happens in this line? because how
>   mutch i read it..thought i don't get it :)
>   list ($date, $laik) = split (' ', $row['time'], 2);

Well, it is rather inefficient code.  Applying a regex just to break a
string up on a single character is a waste.  You should be using explode()
instead of split() here.

As for what it does, if you read php.net/list and php.net/split it should
be pretty obvious.

php.net/split says:

  Returns an array of strings, each of which is a substring of string
  formed by splitting it on boundaries formed by the regular expression
  pattern. If limit  is set, the returned array will contain a maximum of
  limit elements with the last element containing the whole rest of

So, in your example it will return a 2 element array.  Everything before
the first space of the string $row['time'] goes in the first element, and
everything after the first space into the second element.

php.net/list says:

  list() is used to assign a list of variables in one operation.

In your case that means that the first element in the array returned from
the split() call ends up in $date and the second element ends up in $laik.


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