I'm pretty sure you can use eval() on a string, but tread with caution, and
try to look around for security concerns.

I certainly wouldn't eval() anything supplied by a user... no way.

Justin French

on 01/08/02 7:53 PM, David Pratt ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am creating an application where it would be useful to write and store
> script in a field in a MySQL database and create a loop to process the array
> of the code contained in the field. Conceptually, I think it sounds
> reasonable but I am uncertain of what kind of process I could use to have
> the code in the field variable read properly within the loop.  Somewhat
> analogous to an include in HTML.
> The file would be read as though a single script file though the included
> material has come from a text field.
> This would be really useful for me since the code could be modified in the
> database outside a smaller application without changing the files.  Any
> ideas here on how I might do this from anyone that has attempted anything
> similar?  I have set everything up but just can't figure out how to bring
> the script text in the field into the file properly. Help much appreciated.
> --
> Dave Pratt

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