I would like to include a style sheet  based on the url;
the references to the style sheet are stored in MySQL.

I guess the way to code this would be to use php to create
the javascript code with the list of style sheets.



Justin French wrote:

> the only way would be with javascript, but remember, this would be done
> AFTER the page leaves the server (client side), so it will be quite messy.
> or you could try keeping track of what the sub-frame is doing with
> sessions... each time you change it's URL, update the session variable.
> or you could re-think your code design so you don't have to rely on
> something so complicated :)
> I guess knowing the reason why you need to do this might enable us to give
> you more help.
> Justin French
> on 01/08/02 10:32 PM, patrick anderson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > does anyone know of an elegant way to get the Url of the current frame
> > in a php variable.
> >
> > Thanks for any suggestions.
> >
> > Patrick
> >
> > PS I know that PHP_SELF will provide the url of the main frame
> >

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