> I'd like to register a session and create several session variables.
> another part of my site, I'd like to register another session again
> creating
> session variables.  After a bit, I'd like to destroy this second
> registered
> session keeping the first intact.  Thus far, whenever I issue:
> session_unset();
> session_destroy();
> both sessions are obliterated.  Is there a method of managing
> sessions where I can create additional sessions and destroy them
> losing my initial session?

There is only one $_SESSION. What you can do, though, assuming you're
using the latest version of PHP, is make $_SESSION a multi-dimensional

So for one area of your site, you can assign variables to the session
like this:

$_SESSION['area_one']['value1'] = "This String";
$_SESSION['area_one']['value2'] = 10;

Then, in another area, you can do the same thing, basically...

$_SESSION['area_two']['value1'] = 'Something';
$_SESSION['area_two']['value2'] = 1000;

Then...when you want to drop the session values for Area Two, you just
do this:


---John Holmes...

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