on 02/08/02 11:44 AM, Michael P. Carel ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> so you mean there's no way to decrypt that. I wan't to create a Password
> Reminder to my script, that would email them their password if ever they
> forgot it.
> Is there any suggestion/comments?

You can't!  If you choose to encrypt the passwords on the way in (with
either MySQL's PASSWORD() or PHP's md5(), [as you should for most sites]
it's a one-way encryption.

Hence, you can't do a password reminder.

You can reset the password though (make a new password, and send it them via

You can also try emailing them the password when they originally sign up, so
they *might* keep the email handy when they need it.

Sorry, what you've done can't be undone.... you just need to figure out what
to do now...


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