Aside from shell, ssh & background processes, i can recommend

How do you expect to get ASP (assuming you mean microsoft's Active Server
Pages) on a Unix box?

Sure, PHP could be on a Windows box, but I think your chances of finding a
solid host that supports ASP AND PHP on the one server is about zero.

Justin French

on 02/08/02 4:31 PM, Mantas Kriauciunas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hey php-general,
> i want to buy hosting. but i can't find good one for me. maybe
> someone could point some links. but this is what i need!
> Storage up to 100MB
> normal transfer limit(best would be without)
> MySQL database (can be only 1)
> some pop3 mailboxes
> free domain transfer (maybe free domain if i pay for 1 year ahead)
> FTP access
> SSH access
> Shell capability
> up to 3 background processes
> if anyone know combination like that i would appreaciate your help!
> thanks

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