> Could someone please tell me why i get the following Notice Message
> Notice: Undefined variable: PHP_SELF in
> g:\apache_web\intern\looney\index.php on line 101
> Code affected:
> function WriteNewArticle()
> {
> Line 100:  $smarty = new Smarty;
> Line 101:  $smarty->assign("PHPSELF", $PHP_SELF);
> // etc.....

Why? Because $PHP_SELF is an undefined variable. There is nothing
assigned to it and you're trying to use it in a function. 

But, you say, $PHP_SELF is supposed to be the current page. Yes,
normally it would with register_globals ON, but you are inside of a
function, so it is a whole new variable now. 

So, like someone else suggested, make it global inside your function

Global $PHP_SELF;

Or, if you're on a new version, just use $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] and you
don’t have to worry about global.

---John Holmes...

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