On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 07:01:38PM +0200, Jürgen wrote:
> Why would i ever want to use isset() then?

Because sometimes you just want to check if something is set due to null, 
'' and 0 being important.

   $var = '';
   empty($var);  // evaluates to true
   isset($var);  // evaluates to true

   empty($var);  // evaluates to true
   isset($var);  // evaluates to false

> If i understood you correctly, would the following
> op = isset($_GET['op']) && !empty($_GET['op']) ? $_GET['op'] : '';
> be the same as
> op = !empty($_GET['op']) ? $_GET['op'] : '';

Yes.  They do the same thing.  Couple things to think about, though.  If 
$_GET['op'] is 0, those commands will turn it into ''.  Probably not what 
you want.  Also, though less important, if it's already '', there's no 
need to do the step of resetting it to ''.  Sometimes, a cleaner test is:

  $op = isset($_GET['op']) ? $_GET['op'] : '';


PS:  Don't be lazy.  Trim unneeded parts of prior postings.

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