At 3:29 PM -0400 8/2/02, Monty wrote:
>I just upgraded to PHP 4.2.2 and am trying to make my sites work with
>register_globals turned OFF. I notice, however, that with register_globals
>turned off any variables I pass via the URL don't seem to be recognized by
>the script it was passed to.
>So, if I pass "";, the variable "id" is
>empty when I try to access it in page.php ...
>if (!empty($id)) { do stuff...}
>else { echo "error"; }
>With register_globals OFF, the above produces the error message. With
>register_globals ON, it works fine.
>I thought register_globals only affected session, cookie and get type
>variables? Why is PHP ignoring the variables passed via the URL?

'variables passed via the URL' = 'GET variables'


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