ok, i do a make and it makes fine but when the make install i get an
infinite loop of this error:

Warning: mkdir(): File exists in /usr/local/src/php4/pear/System.php on line

I went to the code and i tried putting a line that says this:

if(file_exists("$newdir")) { $ret = exec("/bin/rm -rf $newdir"); }

I put that right above the line thats erroring in the while loop. It fixed
the problem with that but then when it gets to XML_RPC the CPU usage goes up
to 100% and will not output any errors or anything. It looks  like its
caught in a loop....

anyway, anyone have any ideas??

my systems is FreeBSD 4.6
apache 1.3.26
libtool 1.4
autoconf 2.53
automake 1.5

configure line:
./configure --with-imap=/usr/local --with-xml --with-mysql --enable-track-va
rs --with-mm=/usr/local --with-gettext --with-mcrypt=/usr/local --enable-ftp
 --enable-sockets --with-apache=../apache_1.3.26

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