I have have a PHP script that is core dumping, I'm trying to find out
exactly where.  I carefully followed the instructions on


with a little help in creating an apache debug build using:


however, when I get to the end bit where it's supposed to print out the
function that was causing the seg fault (I've already typed "frame x"
where x is the lowest-numbered execute() call), I get crap:

(gdb) print (char
$2 = 0x83a2be0 "\221/\b\024J\b[\b0\b"

where it should say, according to the bugs.php.net page above, something

(gdb) print (char
$14 = 0x80fa6fa "pg_result_error"

I can't find any docs anywhere on what else I can ask executor_globals
for... getting executor_globals.active_op_array->function_name returns
one of my functions, but that's not terribly useful without knowing what
line of it caused the segfault.

Any suggestions for futher probing?


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