Is register_globals off in your php.ini?
Try $var = $_REQUEST['var'];

>Hi! i have instaled PHP 4.2.2 in a slack 8.1 running apache 2.0.39.
>i have a proble with a very basic script (pass variables to a php
>script). Is seems not recieve variables, because print somthing like this:
>Your first name is .
>Your last name is .
>Your E-mail address is .
>This is what you had to say:
>In the server log say the variables appear donīt exist.
>Here i send this windows files (i try in XP with iis 5.1 and PJP 4.2.2 
>and is the same problem) to help you to help me :)
>ah! php is working because i test the <? phpinfo(); ?> stuff and works !!!

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