I've followed the threads on sessions, and discovered, to my horror, that I 
was passing the session id through cookies. Attempting to repair this 
'problem' has been fun (with 200+ files).

Somehow, the session variables are not passing through once they encounter an 
https page. I'm using the following for passing the session id:

<form action="desired.php?<?=SID?>" method="post">
<?php header("location: desired.php?".sid); ?>

These work for ordinary http, but for https, it gives array(). Each page 
starts with <?php session_start(); ob_start(): ?>.

I have set globals=off, session.use_trans_sid=1 (so I shouldn't need to use 
<?=SID?> above, but I don't know what to use instead??), and 
session.use_cookies=0 in my php.ini.

In only one https page, when it loads gives me PHPSESSIONID 
anen3n1nn......., but still does not let me access the variables that should 
be within that session. I'm totally at a loss what is happening here. Can 
anyone shed some light on how to retrieve the session variables for an https 

Any help or where to look (beyond the php.net pages where I learned about 
sessions), would be greatly appreciated.


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