I'm not a professional PHP developer, I'm just a plain student that loves PHP, I don't 
have the money to spend on Encoders and high end IDEs or whatever is out there, I just 
love the fact that I have a near unlimited supply of software out there which free to 
use, comes with source, and allows me to do what I want with it.

I also love the fact that there are such forums that allow me to ask questions, in 
more recent times be able to answer other peoples questions, I don't have to pay 
50p/minute on a silly tech support line, I just email and I get a response a few hours 

But I am very disappointed by the fact that a flame war is going on in this list. 
Respect the people that have made PHP, the people that have allowed many people to 
become PHP Developers and Professionals and earn a living. And hell if you don't want 
to earn a living then make silly little PHP sites as well that's cool, because Ramus 
(and the others that have helped) have gave me many hours of enjoyment in learning PHP 
and playing with all the cool things it can do. If I ever meet Ramus or any other core 
php programmers I would be sure to go up to them and tell them how amazing they are 
and even buy them a pint...

So Acer please stop abusing these people, who cares if Zend charge lots of money there 
are open source alternatives, if they are not as good as you want then it looks like 
Zend have the monopoly and there is nothing you can do about it. Oh yes there is you 
could write your own under the GPL!

I'm pretty sure there are no rules against b1tching on the lists or even flaming 
others, but I think many people are just shocked at Acer's views on the community and 
frankly I don't want to hear them anymore... so just before I set outlook to block his 
mails would the mods of this be able to remove him and stop him flaming our gods..


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