Hi folks,

I am trying to get a web-based mail system set up on my OS X machine. I 
have successfully compiled and installed Apache, Postfix, UW-IMAP, 
MySQL, and a version of PHP 4.2.2 _without_ imap support.

However, it seems that for a web mail client to work, I need to have 
imap support built in to PHP. Has anyone done this for OS X? I have 
looked everywhere, and can't find a next step. Like I said, I have 
UW-IMAP installed, and it is working correctly. Additionally, I have 
followed the instructions from PHP.NET, where it says to copy certain 
files from the c-client directory to my /usr/local/include directory. 
However, I always get errors when I "make".

Please, would someone be willing to offer detailed instructions? If I 
get this thing working, I'd be more than willing to post or mail my 
notes so that others can enjoy the fun.

Thanks in advance,

michael geary

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