Please have a look at the following sample code and help me out if you can

$db = new db_SQL();
$sql = "SELECT Name, Email FROM whatever WHERE whatever=whatever";
$db->query( $sql );

while ($db->next_record())
     //This is my first array
     $foo[] = array ("name"=>$db->f("Name"), "email"=>$db->f("Email"));

$db2 = new db_SQL();
$sql2 = "SELECT Name, Email FROM another_table WHERE foo=bar";
$db2->query( $sql2 );

while ($db2->next_record())
     //This is my second array
     $bar[] = array ("name"=>$db2->f("Name"), "email"=>$db2->f("Email"));

// Now i want to compare the two arrays

$diff = array_diff($foo[0], $bar[0]);

//And heres where it stops working as it should

foreach ($diff as $element)
     echo $element."<br>";

What is driving me crazy since more then 7 hours is that it ($element) will 
only output ONE difference, but i want ALL differences listed, why is this 
not working?

As far as i know i am doing nothing wrong, or am i totally stupid?

Thank you very much in advance for your time and help!

Best regards from Vienna,

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