I need to get the data from the table and add it to the multiple
select statement below. What I am trying to do is give the user a form
to change his pervious selections. Now doing this if there is only one thing
selected is easy. but I need a way to select multiple fields. The data
in $mins would look like this 8,13,15,20. I tried this little script
below but it does not work because of the , and I would also have to do
it for ever option value. There must be a shorter way of doing this.


<td valign=top><select name="mins[]" size="12" multiple>
<option value="0">0
<? if ($mins=="1"){?>
<option value="1" selected>1
<option value="1">1
<? if ($mins=="2"){?>
<option value="2" selected>2
<option value="2">2
<? if ($mins=="3"){?>
<option value="3" selected>3
<option value="3">3
<option value="4">4
<option value="5">5
<option value="6">6
<option value="7">7
<option value="8">8
<option value="9">9
<option value="10">10
<option value="11">11
<td valign=top><select name="mins[]"  size="12" multiple>
<option value="12">12
<option value="13">13
<option value="14">14
<option value="15">15
<option value="16">16
<option value="17">17
<option value="18">18
<option value="19">19
<option value="20">20
<option value="21">21
<option value="22">22
<option value="23">23

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