Hello, I am new to the list and don't know how kind you are helping complete beginners 
in PHP.
I intend to set a personals matchmaking site for people interested in entheogens 
I don't know where to begin, I have some PHP cookbooks handy and am looking to do it 
the easy way but have no idea how much work and knowledge is needed.
What I want is for people to log in (using sessions?), post and modify profile with 
uploading photos and search for personals based on location, desired place to live, 
age, kind of relationship, etc.
I intend to do it it by steps adding features as my php knowledge increase but would 
appretiate very much some tips and hints on where to begin and how to design this 
Some tips on where and what I shall learn for this project would be of great help.

Thanks a lot,
hope this may help other people interested in similar works,

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