I've never done this before, but you probably could open these 
connections via a socket, and set them all non-blocking. Presumably 
you'd them have to write a loop that polled all connections to check 
if they'd closed, or time them out after some number of seconds. See



At 1:28 PM +1000 8/9/02, Martin Towell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>use C and fork()
>php (AFAIK) can't do parallel programming
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>Subject: [PHP] Open 10 http connections in parallel
>I had to write a script  to open 10 http connections for different links and
>get the response from the host.
>I do it by fopen each url one by one and save the response to a separated
>file. But it slow!
>I wonder if i can open 10 connnect (or more) in parallel?
>Thanks in advance.

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