Mike Dunlop wrote:
> hello,
> i have php 4.2.2 compiled with --enable-ftp running (as a module in 
> apache under red-hat 6.2) and I can not get file uploads through a web 
> page to work!?!?
> The form variable $userfile (which is the file input name) is returning 
> false;
> Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

Check your php.ini. Look for register_globals. Check if this is set to 
off (which is the default for 4.2.2). If it's off, you need to use 
$_GET['userfile'], $_POST['userfile'] or $_FILES['userfile'] (depending 
on the METHOD and ENCODING attributes of the <FORM> tag. This has been 
discussed numerous times on the list, so you shouldn't have any trouble 
finding more info about it...

This is a good starting point in the manual:



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