Check this page out: 
.. And click the links
on that page too.
I don't know much about it.  But what I gather is that
it's sort of like an
open source "cold fusion" type application written in
Not that it necissarily resembles cold fusion in any
way, but that it's sort
of a framework for building web applications.
I don't know a whole lot about python either, but it
looks really cool.  I
think python is probably a better general-purpose
scripting language than
php, similar to perl in that respect.  But as far as
building applications
that are strictly for the web, is there anything as
good as php?
I would probably say no, but a lot of it is a matter
of taste. 


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Dear all:

What the heck is this Zope? Which is better PHP or

Any idea !


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