Hi Alia:

On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 02:50:32PM +0300, Alia Mikati wrote:
> I have to parse an html file and replace 
> src attribute of an img. I'm using 'preg_match_all'

First off, if you're doing a search and replace, use preg_replace().

> having problem with patterns. This is the part of code that should find 
> the appropriate img src:
> $preg='/<img(.*?)src=[\'|"]'.addcslashes($original,"/").'[\'|"](.*?)>/si';

The "|" OR operator is not for use in "[]" character range blocks.

> where $original contains the value of src that it should find. For expl, 
> $original can be: ../../MyMCMSSite/images/pic1_abeoway.gif.
> But the problem is it's not catching the right img src.

I don't know why it's not working for you.  A slightly tweaked version of
that works for me... Do note, you weren't escaping the periods in your
addcslashes() call.


$document = 'begin <img size="5" 
src="../../MyMCMSSite/images/pic1_abeoway.gif" height="3" /> end';
echo htmlspecialchars($document);

$original = '../../MyMCMSSite/images/pic1_abeoway.gif';
$original = addcslashes($original, '/.');

$preg = '/<img(.*?)src=[\'"]' . $original . '[\'"](.*?)>/si';
echo '<br />';
echo htmlspecialchars($preg);

$document = preg_replace($preg, ' REPLACED ', $document);
echo '<br />';
echo htmlspecialchars($document);




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