Submitting a form that is within the body of an e-mail message fails when I
use the 'post' method, although it works if I use 'get'. With the post
method, it will open up a web browser, but the receiving form's headers show
no data, no array, submitted. I thought at first it was a conflict with
submitting it to an https php page, but I've tried switching it to
unencrypted with the same result. I've been searching the php archives and
google for a day and a half without any positive leads (but I know I've seen
forms within e-mail messages and it's one of the few valid reasons for using
html in e-mail).

It seems as if it should be a simple html encoded page, but nothing seems to
work when I switch it to post method. I've set up a simple test form to use
within my HTML e-mail message that is output by php to qmail-inject to our

echo . . . .
    . "<form method=3D\"post\"
    . "<input type=3D\"hidden\" name=3D\"product\"
    . "<input type=3D\"submit\" name=3D\"submit\" value=3D\"Submit\">\n"
   . . . . ;

I've tried specifying various media types with encType but no luck. My
test.php form  is just a simple effort at seeing anything that comes through
(picked up from a past php contributor):

echo  '

echo '


Any suggestions appreciated. I'm running PHP4.1.2 as a cgi and as an Apache
1.3.23 module, mod_ssl 2.8.7, OpenSSL0.9.6c on a Debian server with kernel
2.4.17. I'm using the php.ini configuration file unmodified from the
distribution, except for some MySQL setting changes. I've tested using
Outlook Express and Eudora with IE 6.0 and Netscape 6.1 on a Windows XP

I appreciate that this is probably not a real issue with php directly, but
I'm using php to output the form and to recieve the results back, so I
thought this should be an acceptable question for the list.

Thanks for any direction and a really wonderful PHP. I'm amazed at how it's
grown over the years.

Jeff Hill

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