Anybody out there using JpGraph? I directed the following question to
the support web site, but as yet... there's been no reply:

Could somebody tell me how to disable the autoscaling in JpGraph, and/or

how to provide my own scaling? It's perfect for 99% of the graphs and
plots I create, but when I plot some data in a linearXlogY scale it's
surrounded by way too much white space. Particularly, I've noticed that
the logY scale always seems to go from 10,000 to 100,000 for my data
sets when the Y range is only from 20k to 10k.

E.g. Say I had 2 data points : 1,5 and 5,1
 +The graph may show a grid e.g. 10 x 10
 + How can I set it so that it only pads a few pixels, or say display
0,0 up to 6,6?

Does this make sense? Hope someone can help!

While I'm on the topic, does JpGraph support Sub/SuperScript text?
Nothing about it in the documentation, but I need to display N^2 (N
squared) and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance,

PS: JpGraph is an awesome little library ;-)

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