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> Thanks a lot...
> Hmm... I gues for the beginning I would go and process the purchases
> manually. Later on if the purchases increase, than I would opt for
> proccesing credit cards via the server.

So initially you would just store/transmit the credit cards securely (a
whole other can of worms!!), and process them manually offline.  I'd
recommend this for any start-up e-commerce site, because it cuts down some
development, start up costs and saves the margins that an online credit-card
merchant takes.

When and if you decide to automate the credit card process (authorising and
charging the card), it's done through a merchant.  This will totally depend
on your circumstances and budget, but you basically pass the details to a
third party that specialises in this stuff, like authorise.net (and hundreds
of other similar business'), a bank or financial institution etc etc.

All of them will have different procedures and code, but you basically pass
them the details, they pass back a "success" or "failure", charge the credit
card, take their % cut (everything from a flat fee like $1, through to 3% or
5%), and pass on the rest to you.

There are further options above and beyond this, but they'd be out of
reach/budget of almost any small-medium e-comm site.

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