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Justin French

on 10/08/02 7:19 PM, Kristoffer Strom ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> This PHP stuff is still pretty new to me (still prefer IBM's NetData), so I
> need help to create a login procedure for a website.
> The point being to make sure only authenticated people can access the admin
> pages and post/edit news items and stuff. Should be simple, huh?
> Anyways, the three objectives are:
> 1. Login that checks the username and password with a user defined table in
> a MySQL database. Not actual authentication for the database!
> 2. Store the username and load the e-mail for that user from that table and
> store them both as a session variable.
> 3. Make sure that none of the pages in that directory works unless you're
> athenticated
> Help? Is there some ready function for all of this that I haven't found?
> So far I've only run across the actual database authentication, but I don't
> wanna add users to the database.
> /Kristoffer (from

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