> > So I fear that someone would be able to tranfer files on / off my
> >
> > Has anybody some experiance on that, or can give a comment on that?
> Ehhh, PHP already has enough capabilities to transfer files to/from your
> server from/to the rest of the world without using curl. Or are you
> (healthy) paranoied about oasis?

well it is just that I have to install an aditional pice of software and it
does something I am not familar with it.

All I want to know if this could be security issue and a reason not to
install oasis. How about oasis itself? This pease of SW will run on my
server and could do anything what php is allowed to do (maybe delete some
files or transfer them, open a gateway to some other user to take over my
server, send spam over my server and so on)

Are there any rummors about oasis, or is this a reputable software? Right
now I just know what the site is telling me.

Thanx for all your comments on that.


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