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> If I have a field in my DB that can have 4 different answers, lets say a,b,c
> and d. How can I count the number of each in that field. So if there are 4
> a's 1 b 0 c's and 12 d's how can I get php to count this?

I'm pretty certain there's a way to do this with just one MySQL query, but
here's a PHP version that does 4 queries:

$answers = array('a','b','c','d');
foreach($answers as $key => $answer)
    $sql = "SELECT * FROM answers_table WHERE answer_col='{$answer}'";
    $result = mysql_query($sql);
        $count = mysql_num_rows($result);
        $count = "0";
    echo "{$count} people selected answer {$answer}<br />";

Should print out something like:

4 people selected answer a
1 people selected answer b
0 people selected answer c
12 people selected answer d

hack it to suit your needs,


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